Herbal Tea for immunity

With an interest in Herbs and now a formal qualification in Natural medicine. I have put together an amazing combination of high-grade herbs carefully picked, meticulously sorted and cleaned.

I have calculated the most appropriate proportions of each herb in combination and in relation to each other. These herbs were then independently ground very fine and then combined thoroughly and mixed evenly. Considering the current pandemic everyone is faced with almost a sea change. The routine has changed the activities are gone and replaced by others.

All of this change and stress accompanied by job insecurity, burglary, distance from loved ones and other factors are causing us to have disturbed digestion, irregular sleep patterns, and some sleeplessness. This all is negatively affecting our immune system. In these circumstances, we need help to maintain a healthy immune system.

A healthy immune system is a key to our health. This is were my Immune Booster steps in an easy 1 step brew and drink every evening, allowing the herbs to do their magic as you enjoy the most peaceful sleep in a long time.

The daily dose per adult is ½ grams or a quarter teaspoon in 1 ½ cups of water. Reduce the mixture to 1 cup and enjoy the brew. Sugar or Honey or Jaggery may be added as per taste.

The herbs in the mix are Cardamom Cumin Seeds Fennel Seeds Dry Ginger Black Seeds (Kalonji) German Camomile.

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