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Health benefits of tropical fruit

Trip to Thailand & Malaysia is not complete without indulging in culinary adventures as well as tasting some exotic tropical fruits. The warm and humid weather is ideal for large varieties of tropical and citrus fruit that is not found in many places in the world.

Most varieties of tropical fruit help hydrate and enable the body to fight heat and humidity. Tropical fruits are natural detox and help clean the toxins from the body. A regular intake of small servings of fruit is essential to stay healthy and hydrated in the hot and humid atmosphere of the tropics. 

I travel quite frequently to the tropics. Living in Australia, I have little tolerance for humidity and heat. The first thing I do after settling in the hotel is to stock up on tropical fruit. Most supermarkets carry the good quality of seasonal fruit which is cut and packed for easy consumption. I have developed a romance for juicy mangosteens, guava, jackfruit, pineapples, lychees and Durian.

Hotels across Malaysia do not allow durians to be taken to the rooms and impose a fine of over RM 200. The smell of this amazing fruit is hard to the take but the taste is impossible to forget.

Singaporeans visit Malaysia in peak Durian season to enjoy this exotic fruit which is very common in Malaysia. Here is my list of some lovely tropical fruit along with the health benefits. 



Crack the hard skin to find sweet white pods within. A fresh ripe mangosteen taste somewhere between lychee and mango. Sweet and sour taste will capture your taste buds. Mangosteen is a storehouse of very powerful antioxidant with strong anti-inflammatory properties. The fruit is also consumed as anti-cancer and helps maintain healthy skin. 

It's better to buy Mangosteen from supermarkets or large fruit shops as roadside vendors sell low-quality fruit where fruit comes from different trees. The fruit is relatively expensive which makes it a speciality. 

 Benefits of Mangosteen:

  • Rich in powerful antioxidants
  • Helps manage blood sugar levels
  • Great for skin
  • Help lose weight
  • Good for gums





Undoubtedly the king of fruit, I have developed a love for this amazing fruit. Used to make sweets and desserts, durian has become a souvenir and a national identity for Malaysia. I tried some amazing desserts at Nyonya restaurants where certain varieties of durian were served with whipped cream. 

Health Benefits of Durian

  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • May reduce insomnia
  • Improves digestive health



jackfruit healthy fruitJackfruit is normally found skinned and packed in 500gram serving at most stores. The fruit has a dry and rubbery texture with a sweet flavour. Jackfruit helps fight wrinkles on the skin and great for good muscle growth. People suffering from anemia should consume this fruit. 

People who consume low GI food to maintain a healthy blood sugar level can find this fruit very useful. 

Cartenoids found in Jackfruit reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. 

Benefits of consuming jackfruit:

  • Prevent anemia
  • Helps control mental stress
  • Good for skins
  • Cures indigestion


guavaGuava is a very popular fruit in tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world. Guava juice as well guava fruit helps fight the summer heat, lower blood pressure and great for digestion. 

Consume guava on a regular basis to maintain a healthy lifestyle by boosting your immunity. Guava has 80% water which helps keep you hydrated and a high concentration of folate is considered good for fertility amongst women. 

Benefits of consuming guava

  • Guava helps lower blood pressure
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Have an anti-cancer effect

In Pakistan, guava is very common in Punjab and Sind which have warm and dry weather. Most roadside fruit vendors serve guava with spicy chat masala or black salt.

Guava is a favourite food for parrots who tend to leave the bite marks on some of the freshest and sweetest fruit on the branches. 



Papaya fruitPapaya is a magic fruit found extensively across India, Pakistan and South-East Asia. The fruit has magical qualities and should be an essential part of the diet in hot and humid climates. Papaya is frequently used in cooking as it acts as a meat tenderizer. Papaya is commonly used to make puree, juices, preserves, jams and jellies. 

Amazing health benefits of consuming papaya:

  • Anti-Cancer effects
  • Anti- Inflammatory effect
  • Digestive health benefits 
  • Great for liver health

People suffering from stomach problems or liver problems should use papaya on a regular basis as this fruit has some essential enzyme that helps in digestion and fights the bacteria in the tummy. 

Another variation of the same variety is paw paw fruit which is commonly grown in Australia. Paw paw is a different fruit from papaya.  Papaya is more reddish in colour as compared to paw paw which is more yellowish

One of my favourite Thai Salads, Green Papaya Salad is a very popular dish in Thailand. This is one of the most commonly ordered dishes along with Pad Thai in any Thai restaurant in the world. 

Some fruity foodie adventures in Phuket Thailand

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