Travelling and food have been my passion over the last fifteen years. With a strong interest in cooking and experimenting with new dishes, I have combined my travel foodie information with my cooking ideas.

Pakistan is a land of diverse landscape with a 1050 km long coastline along some of the deepest seaports in the world to the highest mountain ranges in the world. 

Green curry Chicken is one of my favourite Thai dishes. The sweet and spicy taste of the curry paste and fresh vegetable makes a perfect blend for lovers of Thai food. Sydney has a number of great Thai restaurants and I have tried this dish at Chat Thai, Thai Patong, Atom Thai and one of my all-time favourite every day joint Thai on Wok in Sydney. 

This is one of my favourite Thai salads that is very easy to make and packed with fresh flavours. Green Papaya salad is an essential part of any menu is very common in most parts of Thailand. 

Trip to Thailand & Malaysia is not complete without indulging in culinary adventures as well as tasting some exotic tropical fruits. The warm and humid weather is ideal for large varieties of tropical and citrus fruit that is not found in many places in the world.

is recipe is very simple to make and a very tasty and spicy dish for fish lovers. Basa Fillets are easily available in most Indian and Bangladeshi stores across Lakemba. One kilo fish is good size for cooking and can be sliced into 6-8 pieces making a decent serving for up to 3 people.  

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