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Quick Eggplant Pakora Recipe

Eggplant Pakora Dish


Eggplant Pakora is one of my favourite snacks, which is very easy to prepare. It is a very healthy snack and suitable for diabetics as the Pakoras are prepared with gram powder (besan). A mix of spices including cumin and carrom seeds add digestive qualities to this tasty snack. 


List of ingredients  for this recipe:

1. Eggplant 

2. Carrom Seeds, Carrom Seeds, Salt, Red Chilli Pepper

3. Dried Fenugreek (optional)

How to prepare Eggplant Pakoras

1. Pour some gram powder in a container. Add water to make a uniform paste. 

2. Add salt, red pepper, coriander powder, carom seeds for flavouring

3. Heat the oil in a work or a wide pan.

4. Slice eggplant sidewise to make thin round strips. 

5. Dip the eggplant the gram powder paste and deep fry till the Pakoras turn light brown on both sides. Do not overcook.

6. The Pakoras can be eaten with mint sauce. 

Eggplant Pakora

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