about a healthy step clinic

We are a team of three friends across the borders, with a shared passion for food, eating out and exploring new recipes. This site is our place to collaborate and share new ideas, experiment with new recipes and while doing so share the health benefits of different foods. 

Khaliq Khan is a herbalist and a Bowen specialist with a deep understanding of how herbs can be used in food and teas for health benefits. Khaliq will share his tried and test herbal tea mixes and some unique cooking recipes.

Darpan has a passion to cook and explore new cafes and restaurants. We love to cook together and sharing recipes with each other. 

With time we have realized to put these ideas together in a website. 

We aim to build a community of like-minded foodies who share our passion for great food. 

Our Foodies

ShawnShawn's Corner
Travelling and food have been my passion over the last fifteen years. With a strong interest in cooking and experimenting with new dishes, I have combined my travel foodie information with my cooking ideas.
DarpanDarpan's Corner
I am a food enthusiast who loves exploring new recipes. Based in Vancouver, I use local produce to make some amazing desi (Indian) dishes as well as modern food popular in Canada. I have a passion for travelling and movies. Waiting for your feedback. Join my food journey.