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Basa Fish Curry Cooked in Pakistani Style

Seafood Recipe


Basa Curry Cooked in Pakistani Style. This recipe can be applied to a variety of local freshwater fish commonly available.

Basa Fish Curry Recipe

Ingredients for Basa Fish Curry Recipe

  • 1 kilo sliced Basa Fillets
  • Tomatoes, onion, ginger & garlic
    Curry leaves
  • Spices: Salt, red chilli, coriander powder, cumin
  • Sliced potatoes

How to prepare Basa Fish Fillets in Sauce

1. Dry to the fish fillets and deep fry in the oil till the fish start turning brown. This will prevent the fish from losing its texture when cooked with spices
2. Heat oil in a wok and add the onion. Slightly brown the onions and add tomatoes, ginger and garlic.
3. Add spices and cook on slow heat till the oil starts separating from the mix. 
4. Add some water to prevent the spices from sticking to the work.
5. Place the fillets of fish in the mix and cover. Cook on slow heat for 20 minutes. Turn the fish halfway through this time period.

Your amazing basa fish fillets are ready. This recipe can be tried with a number of fish varieties commonly found in Pakistan. In Punjab, people like to eat freshwater fish cooked in curry. However, deep-sea fish is popular in winters and is normally marinated with spices and deep fried.