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Yakhni Palau Recipe

Rice Dish


Authentic Pakistani Rice cooked In delicious meat broth. Yakhni Pulau or Pulao is popular dish from Pakistani Punjab. The meat broth is prepared with spices.

About Punjabi Pulao Recipe

Yakhni means broth and Palau is rice cooked in Broth. You will find variations of this recipe all through middle-east and Central Asian countries as Palau (Pilaf)  is quite commonly cooked with meat broth. Pakistani Yakni Palau Palau is very popular in Punjab as Basmati rice is planted in the plains of Punjab Pakistani, As compared to Biryani most people in Punjab prefer Palau.

Preparation Guide for Punjabi Pulao Recipe

This dish is mostly cooked on special occasions and certain cuts of meat are used to make the tastiest Palau. Chunks of rib meat are used along with the fat to give a rich taste to the dish.

1 Prepare lamb bone broth by boiling bones in water for over half an hour

2 Soak 2 cups of Basmati rice in water for 20 minutes.

3 Place meat (1 kilo) in a cooker with Shan Yakhni Palau Masala (readily available in most  Pakistani Stores). Cooked for around 45 minutes. Add ginger & garlic paste to the mix at the start.

4 Once the meat is tender. Filter the liquid through a sieve and remove all spices. 

5 For Two cups of rice make sure you have 4 cups of broth.

6 Place the rice in the cooker along with the meat and broth and steam it for 20 minutes. When the broth is dried and the rice on the top curls up, cover with a cloth and place the lid on the cooker. Steam it for another ten minutes. Your delicious Yakni Palau is ready. 


Yakhni Palau
Lamb for Palau
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