Leslie's in Tagaytay

Tagaytay is a popular picnic and excursion area south of Manila. The driving distance to Tagaytay is 1.5 hours if you leave in the early hours of the day. 

On a clear day, Tagaytay and Lake Taal area is absolutely amazing place to explore. The Taal is an active Volcano which is accessible by crossing the boat from one of many resorts located at the shore of the Lake Taal. Individual tour costs around 2500 Pesos. A 45-minute horse ride takes you to the top of the edge of the crater. 

Tagaytay is a beautiful hilly location with temperature relatively cooler than Manila. I booked a car from Manila and started around 5 in the morning and reached the Picnic Point in Tagaytay by 7 am. The smell of pine trees, cool temperature and scenic view is a pleasant relief from the hectic life of Manila. 

One of my interest in visiting Tagaytay is to explore local food joints popular for some unique dishes like Bulalo, a beef broth cooked in vegetables and some local varieties of fish. 

starbuck tagaytay1

Starbucks at Tagaytay

Before, hitting the restaurants at lunchtime, I drove around the city checking out some local Malls including Ayala Mall. Tagaytay is a city of Catherdral with Pink Sisters being one of the major attractions in the city. A grey structure with pine trees and green vegetation is a great place to relax and meditate. 

I loved the coffee shop on the top of the hill overlooking Lake Taal. I think this is probably one of the best located "Starbucks" in the world, with amazing views of Lake Taal. 

Leslie's at Tagaytay

Leslie's is one of the popular restaurant specializing in the dishes from this region. Bulalo is a beef broth cooked with bok choy, corn and other vegetables. Leslie's is foodies paradise as the atmosphere of this restaurant is very vibrant, the location is amazing, the crowd is jovial and the food is absolutely amazing. 

El Mariachi is busy singing songs to the customers which add to the liveliness of the atmosphere. 

leslies tagaytay 2

Lunch at Leslie's 

Tiwalis is a deep-fried fish served with a chilli sauce. This fish is local to the region and is the only city in the world that prepare this dish. Amazing!!! 

Enjoy a wide range of stir-fried seafood dishes served in a hot sizzling plate. A coconut shake served in a coconut is a perfect accompaniment to the spicy dishes. Simply enjoyed the food. 

The atmosphere is of this restaurant is very lively and is packed over the weekends at lunch-time. Live music of El Mariachis fill the air and adds noise to an already packed restaurant. 

The outside sitting area comprises of raised shacks, build for lovers to enjoy a romantic dinner. The views are absolutely breath-taking. 

View of Lake Taal from Tagaytay

View of Lake Taal from Tagaytay

Ayala Mall has a number of nice cafes and coffee shops. This is a modern shopping mall with world-class facilities and great places for shopping. I bought some fresh fruit, drinks and snacks from a departmental store located on the ground floor. 

coffee bean at Ayala Mall

Coffee Bean Store located in Ayala Mall

The next stop on our adventure was Rowena's Tart which is quite a popular place to visit in the city. My sugar consumption is quite low, however, I was tempted by to try some amazing tarts at this popular store.

rowena tarts tagaytay

Rowena's Tarts is a popular sweet shop in Tagaytay

Tagaytay also has a fruit market as the areas around Tagaytay have citrus and other tropical fruit plantation. Pineapples, mangoes, durians and star fruit are quite common. 

I bought some fresh tropical fruit before heading back to Manila. I plan to re-visit Tagaytay for a longer period as there is too much to do and see in this interesting location. 

 tagaytay fruit market 1

Tagaytay City Fruit Market


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