For the user who creates accounts on the site, log in details are not shared with third party site and agencies. The account creation allows users to post comments and receive newsletters. The users have the option to unsubscribe to the newsletter. Incoming I.P addresses are logged for analysing site usage trends regional interest in the site.

Information Gathering

This site uses cookies to track user interactions with the website. This information helps the site creators and content producers identify the popular topics, areas of interest and users interest in various pieces of information captures in blogs, recipes and articles. 

The email address captured in popups and "Newsletter Modules" on the website is not passed on to any third parties. The emails are used for Newsletter marketings. 

Content creation on the Website

Most information provided on the website is collected, compiled and written by site owners. The information is not copied from any popular food & lifestyle websites. The ideas, suggestion and recommendations made are authors own.

The recipes and information content is created by the Authors of Foodieencounters.com. Most images are captured by the writers and authors of the website. 

However, some banner, slider and product images are bought online from Shutterstock and Canva. 

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