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Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops Recipe

About this recipe

Lamb chops are quite popular all across Pakistan which is predominantly a meat eating nation. This recipe is pretty simple to prepare and cooking time is not that much once the meat is marinated.

Pakistani Lamb Chops

Lamb or goat chops are normally marinated in giner garlic paste and lett in the refrigerator overnight for the spices and marination to sink in. 

Steps to cook lamb Chops

  • Prepare a mix of crushed ginger and garlic
  • Add red chilli pepper, salt and lemon juice to the mix
  • For more ambitious you can add Shan Tikka Masala or Shan Champ Masala
  • If you use pre-made Masalas, do cook within one or two hours are the meat tenderizer will make the meat very soft 
  • Heat the griller to 180c. 
  • Cook for 10 minutes on both sides until the fat stats melting and the meat become tender

Steps for preparing lamb chops