Yakhni Palau

Yakhni Palau Recipe


About this recipe

Yakhni means broth and Palau is rice cooked in Broth. You will find variations of this receipe all through middle-east and Central Asian countries as Palau (Pilaf)  is quite common cooked cooked with meat broth. 

Pakistani Yakni Palau

Paulau is very popular in Punjab as Bastmati rice is planted in plains of Punjab in Pakistani, As compared to Biryani most people in Punjab prefer Palau. This dish is mostly cooked on special occassion and certain cuts of meat are used to make the most tastiest Palau. Chunks of rib meat is used along with the fat to give rich taste to the dish. 

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Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops Recipe


About this recipe

Lamb chops are quite popular all across Pakistan which is predominantly a meat eating nation. This recipe is pretty simple to prepare and cooking time is not that much once the meat is marinated.

Pakistani Lamb Chops

Lamb or goat chops are normally marinated in giner garlic paste and lett in the refrigerator overnight for the spices and marination to sink in. 

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