Travelling and food have been my passion over the last fifteen years. With a strong interest in cooking and experimenting with new dishes, I have combined my travel foodie information with my cooking ideas.

Here is another very interesting recipe from my kitchen. This recipe goes well with rice as well as Chapati (Indian baked bread). The cooking time is 45 minutes. This recipe can be used with a number of other seasonal vegetables like turnip, eggplant, potatoes, gourd or green vegetables. I used this recipe quite often and substitute beef with goat meat, chicken or lamb for change. This cooking style is ideal if you like a little bit of sauce (gravy) in your food. 

Here is a very easy-to-make recipe for beef lovers. You can use a various mix of vegetables depending on the season and your liking. This recipe can also be used for chicken and lamb.

Eggplant Pakora Dish


Eggplant Pakora is one of my favourite snacks, which is very easy to prepare. It is a very healthy snack and suitable for diabetics as the Pakoras are prepared with gram powder (besan). A mix of spices including cumin and carrom seeds add digestive qualities to this tasty snack. 

With increasing awareness about the health benefits of daily consumption of nuts, the average consumption of nuts has increased tremendously in more developed countries. Obesity, heart conditions, hair loss and diabetes are becoming global diseases. In order to enjoy a healthy living use of nuts in absolutely essential and a low-cost solution to enjoy a great lifestyle and good health.

Pakistani food is fast becoming popular in Australia and certainly has made its way to the Western palate in UK, Europe and the United States. With an increasing number of Pakistanis settling across the World, Pakistani food is becoming a household thing. Most people consider Indian and Pakistani as the same food.

Pakistan is a land of diverse landscape with a 1050 km long coastline along some of the deepest seaports in the world to the highest mountain ranges in the world. 

Green curry Chicken is one of my favourite Thai dishes. The sweet and spicy taste of the curry paste and fresh vegetable makes a perfect blend for lovers of Thai food. Sydney has a number of great Thai restaurants and I have tried this dish at Chat Thai, Thai Patong, Atom Thai and one of my all-time favourite every day joint Thai on Wok in Sydney. 

This is one of my favourite Thai salads that is very easy to make and packed with fresh flavours. Green Papaya salad is an essential part of any menu is very common in most parts of Thailand. 

Trip to Thailand & Malaysia is not complete without indulging in culinary adventures as well as tasting some exotic tropical fruits. The warm and humid weather is ideal for large varieties of tropical and citrus fruit that is not found in many places in the world.

is recipe is very simple to make and a very tasty and spicy dish for fish lovers. Basa Fillets are easily available in most Indian and Bangladeshi stores across Lakemba. One kilo fish is good size for cooking and can be sliced into 6-8 pieces making a decent serving for up to 3 people.  

Coldwater fish is considered is to be one of the healthiest foods and which protects against heart disease and help lose weight. The recommended diet is approximately 8 ounces of seafood per week.

Avocados are a great source of nutrition and a popular fruit throughout North and South American and Australia. Avocados have become a major part of the diet in Australia in the last ten years with the population increasing from South-American countries like Brazil, Chile, Argentina.

Green tea or Kahwa commonly called in India, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan is a popular drink consumed throughout the year. Valued because of its health benefits, Kahwa is consumed any time of the day and makes a perfect hot drink and substitute to black tea and coffee

This is a pretty simple recipe for quick cooking if you are short on time. This recipe is ideal for pasta lovers. You do not need to buy a pre-made sauce off the shelf. Just prepare your own sauce with fresh cream and some very basic ingredients.

Okra is one of my favourite vegetables and can be cooked by itself or mixed with meat of your choice. The Okra can be cooked in many ways. I like it to be cooked in a spicy curry masala. 

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Our Foodies

We are a team of three friends across the borders, with a shared passion for food, eating out and exploring new recipes. This site is our place to collaborate and share new ideas, experiment with new recipes and while doing so share the health benefits of different foods. 

Khaliq Khan is a herbalist and a Bowen specialist with a deep understanding of how herbs can be used in food and teas for health benefits. Khaliq whill share his tried and test herbal tea recipes and some unique cooking recipes.

Darpan has a passion to cook and explore new cafes and restaurants. We love to cook together and sharing recipes with each other. 

With time we have realized to put these ideas together in a website. 

We aim to build a community of like-minded foodies who share our passion for great food. 


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