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Most popular Pakistani Dishes to order in Restaurants

Pakistani food is fast becoming popular in Australia and certainly has made its way to the Western palate in UK, Europe and the United States. With an increasing number of Pakistanis settling across the World, Pakistani food is becoming a household thing. Most people consider Indian and Pakistani as the same food.

There is a considerable difference in cooking style and a huge difference in flavours across the border and states. For instance, food from south India is considerably different fro the food from the north. 

Meat is an essential item on a Pakistani menu. Poultry, goat meat and beef makes most of the menu. Seafood is not as popular as seafood is mostly consumed in the south of the country and not much is exported to other parts of the country due to hot weather throughout the year. 

Goat meat is liked by people in Punjab and Sind. As you move up north, lamb and beef are more common. Beef is normally consumed in the form of Kebabs and mince. One very popular beef dish is Beef Nehari, a chunky beef curry cooked on slow heat overnight. 

I suggest, when visiting a Pakistani restaurant, start with tandoori as an appetizer as compared to deep-fried dishes like samosas, pakora etc. Seekh kebabs, or mincemeat Kebabs on skewers. Kebabs are normally served with mint sauce or chutneys. 

tandoori chickenChicken Tikka and Chicken Seekh Kebabs also make great appetizers and spice up your taste buds before you explore some more spicy flavours. 

I remember a lovely Pakistani restaurant "Shalimar" in San Francisco, popular for Palak Ghoshth (tender goat meat cooked with spinach) and served with crunchy tandoori bread. 

Back in Sydney Faheem's and Tandoori Hut captures the fascination of Desi Foodies for over 20 years with freshly cooked tandoori, meat dishes with not-so-popular vegies in home-cooked style flavours. 

I have developed a love for Lamb Shank Nehari, a juicy and tender shank cooked to perfection on fine spicy gravy served with tandoori bread. All under AUD $20.

Seafood is not very popular as seafood is normally consumed in the south of the country. Therefore, Finding a Tandoori Fish Tikka on a winter's menu is definitely a foodies delight. Try out Faheems's on Enmore Road, Newtown Sydney.

Prawn dishes are also popular and are served in spicy masala over hot plate. Prawn Biryani is a must for rice lovers.  

What if you are vegetarian? Don't be scared. There is plenty to satisfy your appetite. Start with cheesy Garlic naan served with Daal Makhni ( Lentil cooked in Desi Ghee).  Add some more spice with a Palak Paneer ( Spinach with the Indian version of Fetta Cheese). Mixed vegetables perhaps, or Kari Pakora.

Tandoori means food cooked over skewers in a Tandoor (clay oven). This food is great for weight watchers and will definitely capture your fancy. 


For serious foodies, Nehari (meat dish cooked overnight and served with thick sauce), Haleem (meat and lentils mashed and cooked to perfection), Paya ( lamb trots) are not to be missed. Watch your calories as you consume this lovely food. 

Some interesting Pakistani Restaurants in Sydney

Faheems Pakistani Restaurant

Pakistani Restaurant

Faheem's has become a sort of tradition with desi foodies in Sydney. Specializing in Tandoori dishes and some of the most popular Pakistan dishes on the menu, Faheem's attracts large crowds over the weekend. Try out Tandoori fish, Tandoori chicken and palak ghosth.


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