Super Foods Essentials

Superfoods are essential food items loaded with minerals, vitamins and nutrients essential for a healthy mind and body. In today's world with a hectic lifestyle, unbalanced diet is a reality. The side effects of missing out on the basic nutrients are evidence in quick hair loss, weight gain, sleep disorders, stress and anxiety that have become synonymous to modern-day living. 

Our passion is to understand the basic nutrients essential for a healthy lifestyle, good heart, general wellbeing. A good and balanced diet is essential to develop strong immunity against many diseases and avoid health issues. 

We can simply incorporate easy to make recipes, nuts, fruits and seafood as a part of our daily routine. Join our journey. 

With increasing awareness about the health benefits of daily consumption of nuts, the average consumption of nuts has increased tremendously in more developed countries. Obesity, heart conditions, hair loss and diabetes are becoming global diseases. In order to enjoy a healthy living use of nuts in absolutely essential and a low-cost solution to enjoy a great lifestyle and good health.

Trip to Thailand & Malaysia is not complete without indulging in culinary adventures as well as tasting some exotic tropical fruits. The warm and humid weather is ideal for large varieties of tropical and citrus fruit that is not found in many places in the world.

Coldwater fish is considered is to be one of the healthiest foods and which protects against heart disease and help lose weight. The recommended diet is approximately 8 ounces of seafood per week.

Avocados are a great source of nutrition and a popular fruit throughout North and South American and Australia. Avocados have become a major part of the diet in Australia in the last ten years with the population increasing from South-American countries like Brazil, Chile, Argentina.