Green Tea

Green tea or Kahwa commonly called in India, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan is a popular drink consumed throughout the year. Valued because of its health benefits, Kahwa is consumed any time of the day and makes a perfect hot drink and substitute to black tea and coffee. 

In Pakistan, Kahwa is mostly consumed in Northern part of the country where the temperature dips below zero degrees towards the end of the year and dry fruit, meat dishes and hot drinks help people get through the winters.

Green tea of Kahwa comes from China and some areas in Afghanistan. In 1980s lot of Afghanis migrating to Pakistani setup restaurants in different parts of the country and along Great Trunk Road connecting Peshawar with Karachi. Kahwa became a standard drink after dinner as it helps with digestion.

Here is a quick recipe for making great Kahwa

1. Boil water in a saucepan and add two cracked cardamoms once the water starts boiling.

2. Add sugar to the mix 

3. Add half a teaspoon full of loose Kahwa leaves. 

4. Let the water boil for twenty seconds before turning the stove off

5. Cover the pan for around three minutes.

6. Enjoy the Kahwa with a bit of lemon.


Benefits of green tea

Help lose weight

Help with digestion

Hels built immunity against common colds and flu






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