Green tea or Kahwa commonly called in India, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan is a popular drink consumed throughout the year. Valued because of its health benefits, Kahwa is consumed any time of the day and makes a perfect hot drink and substitute to black tea and coffee

With an interest in Herbs and now a formal qualification in Natural medicine. I have put together an amazing combination of high-grade herbs carefully picked, meticulously sorted and cleaned.

I have calculated the most appropriate proportions of each herb in combination and in relation to each other. These herbs were then independently ground very fine and then combined thoroughly and mixed evenly. Considering the current pandemic everyone is faced with almost a sea change. The routine has changed the activities are gone and replaced by others.

I have formulated this keeping in mind the exceptional benefits of the three herbs used in this Tea.

Benefits of Herbal Tea

The multitude of benefits ranging from Brain and nerve health to relief in Chest pain to powering the lungs to digestion to gas. Removes phlegm.


Licorice, Black Seeds ( Nigella Seeds), Fennel Seeds

Usage instruction of the Herbal Tea

This can be taken during the day or night
1/2 teaspoon in 2 cups of water, reduce it to 1 cup n enjoy with a dab of honey.
For kids half the quantity

Benefits of the Ingredients

  • Licorice: Good for removing Phlegm, helps reduce cough
  • Read about the Benefits of Aniseed or fennel seeds
  • Read about the Benefits of Black Seed

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