Thai Red
Curry Shrimps

Fresh and very easy to prepare recipe by Darpan.
The recipe takes less than 15 minutes to prepare

Here is a quick list of ingredients:
Thawed Shrimps
Coconut Milk
Chopped Onion
Ginger Garlic Chillies turned into paste
Soya Sauce
Seasme Oil
Red Curry Paste

About this recipe

This interesting recipe comes from Thailand and uses a mix of vegetables and shrimps. The recipe goes well with rice and noodles alike. The shrimps are easy to find in super-markets. Other handy ingredients for Thai cooking includes fish sauce, soy sauce, coconut milk and fresh herbs. 


400 gram of devined shrimps washed. 
 Chopped onions.


Place coconut oil in a pan and heat it up. Add onions, ginger, garlic, chilly paste . Fry until the oil separates.


Add coconut milk, lemon and sugar and bring the mixture to boil. 


Add Soya Sauce, Fish Oil and MSG

Final Step

Add shrimps to the mix and bring it to biil


Add cilantro and serve with rice

Green Curry Chicken

This interesting recipe comes from Shawn's ocllection and  is a very popular dish in most Thai restaurants. It provides a balaned mix of meat and vegetable with a fresh blend of Thai sauces.

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