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Pakistani cuisine

  • Foodie Adventures in Lahore - The City of Lights

    Lahore Foodie Adventures

    Lahore is the cultural heart of Pakistan with 1000 years of the interesting history of occupation by Mughals, Sikhs and British Imperial Rule. Times have changed but Lahori's love for exotic and rich food has not changed through destinations.

  • Most common vegetables used in Pakistani food

    Pakistani vegetable dishes

    A wide range of Pakistani vegetables is an important part of the Pakistani diet. Vegetables are relatively cheap and easily available across the country. As a major chunk of the population resides in the villages, open spaces are readily available to plant vegetables.

  • Most Popular Pakistani Meat Dishes

    Pakistani meat dishes

    Pakistani dishes are popular all over the world for their taste, aroma, and variety. The cuisine is a blend of Indo-Pakistani and traditional Central Asian flavours.

    Pakistani Cuisine is a mix of vegetable and meat dishes. The cooking style of food varies in various regions of the country, however, the love for meat dishes can be noticed across every household.

  • Pakistani famous food and snacks

    Pakistani Snacks

    Street food is irrevocably the only way to truly feel connected to the spirit of a city or country. A country’s cuisine may be an excellent depiction of its overall culture, but street food, in particular, reflects the very nitty-gritty of it all – be it the teekhay (translation: spicy) chaats of Lahore Walled City, or the soul-warming bone broths of Haripur, it embodies our values and beliefs like no other!

  • Top Halal Restaurants in Sydney

    halal restaurants in Sydney

    Sydney's Muslim population is increasing every year and along with it the number of restaurants serving halal cuisine can be spotted across almost every suburb.