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Sydney Halal Restaurants

Sydney's Muslim population is increasing every year and along with it the number of restaurants serving halal cuisine can be spotted across almost every suburb.

Sydney's Muslim population is increasing every year and along with it the number of restaurants serving halal cuisine can be spotted across almost every suburb. Demand for halal food outlets and halal restaurants is ever-increasing in Sydney.  The most common areas with a high concentration of Halal restaurants are Bankstown, Parramatta, Auburn, and Lakemba. 

Most of the meat suppliers to Coles and Woolworth are serving halal ( kosher) meat. Therefore, finding halal outlets is quite easy in Sydney as well as in Melbourne. 

What is halal food?

Muslim consumers Halal meat due to religious injunction where the animal has to be slaughtered with a sharp blade and left to bleed. A Muslim prayer accompanies the slaughtering process. The meat, however, is not any different from one served in other butcheries or meat shops. Kosher (halal) meat is also consumed by Jews because in both religions the animal is sacrificed in the name of God. 

Almost 90% of the Kebab Shops and Pakistani, Turkish and Lebanese restaurants serve halal meat. 

Some of the favourite Halal Restaurants in Sydney

Tandoori Hut - Newtown 

Tandoori Hut Sydney - Halal Restaurants Sydney

My favourite Pakistan restaurant managed by a family from Punjab Pakistan, Tandoori has gained a somewhat unmatched position among local food addicts. Very popular with lovers of desi food, you will frequently find Indian Punjabis and Pakistanis along with a diverse range of foodies mostly likely getting recommendations from Pakistan cabbies and Uber drivers. 

For meat lovers, enjoy authentic goat curry with a variety of vegetables including Okra, turnips, eggplant, potatoes, and other seasonal varieties. Enjoy sizzling hot kebabs on a platter served with lovely mint sauce and cheesy nan freshly baked at the restaurant. 

Al-Aseel Restaurant  ( Middle Eastern Cuisine)

Al-Aseel Halal restaurant Sydney

Try the taste of fresh tabouli served with a platter of mixed grilled meats cooked to perfection. A touch of garlic sauce adds amazing flavours to the spicy meat on the skewers. A vegetarian platter is a mix of vegetable puff pastries, salads, vine leaves, tabouli, baba ganouj, and hummus. 

Plain deep friend eggplant serves as a great side. The main dishes include a generous mix of meats with rice, yogurt, and cucumbers. 

Al-Aseel is definitely a must-visit if you like the fresh flavours of Middle Eastern Cuisine. 

Mamak - Malaysian Cuisine

Mamak is one of my all-time favourite Malaysian Halal restaurants. The original branch is located on Goulburn Street Chinatown in Sydney. Ideally located in the city centre, Mamak attracts large crowds for lunch as well as dinner. A long queue outside the restaurant is expected where you can stand it see the chefs in action making amazing Rotis and desserts.


The mains are reasonably priced at under $20. My favourites include Nasi Lemak (Malaysia's national dish), Mee Goreng ( spicy noodles stir-fried with tofu and prawns served with sambal sauce), curries and Rotis. Enjoy hot Tea Tarek or one of the interesting sweet drinks. 

Mamak has opened a number of new branches across the city including one in Chatswood.

El-Jannah Middle Eastern Restaurant

El-Jannah is my all-time favourite restaurant which started with its first branch in Granville. I tried the food during its first week of opening as I used to work in Granville and immediately realized that the original flavours of this Middle Eastern Restaurant were simply too good. 

This restaurant is a regular on my list for over 20 years now and the quality of food has not deteriorated. El-Jannah has picked up thousands of loyal customers, because of its quality food, great service, and very low prices. 

El-Jannah Restaurant in Sydney

The restaurant is jam-packed over the weekends. The turnover is quite high, as you can find a sitting area quite easily. The store has expanded by adding a side shop to the sitting area. Takeaway food is quite cheap compared to eat-in. Can you possibly believe to get a grilled chicken meal for under $20 with plenty of accompaniments? 


My favourite on the list is a grilled chicken meal with Lebanese bread, garlic sauce, and pickles. Add tabouli to the mix to make a perfect meal. The tender grilled chicken with garlic sauce simply melts in your mouth. This is undoubtedly one of the best-grilled chickens in town. 

 The menu included chicken shwarma, chicken burgers, and grilled chicken pieces. All of the meat dishes are served with pickles and garlic sauce. 

Al Dhiaffah Al Iraqi - A Halal Restaurant in Sydney

An amazing find located in the busy western suburb of Fairfield, Al Dhiaffah al Iraqi is a great find a couple of years ago when I first visited this restaurant. With a relatively small menu, this restaurant specializes in making the best lamb kebabs, lamb shanks, and meat dishes. With Iraqi-Kurdish influence, the cooking style has reached perfection and the restaurant survives on the regular stream of hard-core customers that visit this restaurant whenever they can.

The prices are very reasonable and the food is served with fresh-baked bread from the oven. Most dishes are served with pickled vegetables, salad, hummus and mixed salad. A fermented milk drink "ayran" is a popular choice that goes well with the dishes. 


I highly recommend this restaurant to kebab and lamb shank lovers. Lately, the restaurant has added grilled barramundi to the menu as well. 

Make sure you arrive at the restaurant before 6 pm because most of the dishes sell out quickly. The restaurant closes around 9 pm. Therefore, late-night dining is not a choice. 

Neptune Palace - Halal Restaurants in Sydney

My Rating 9/10   $$$

Location: Circular Quay Sydney City

This iconic restaurant has satisfied the taste bud of thousands of food lovers through the years and has achieved the status of one of the best Malay-Chinese Restaurants in the Sydney CBD Area. With an impressive banquet menu, the restaurant is sure to please the food lover with an extended menu ranging from Malay Curries to Nyonya specialities with a Chinese influence. 

Neptune Palace - A Halal Restaurant in Sydney

Choose from a huge menu comprising prawns, oysters, lobsters, and crabs, served steamed and cooked in various styles. Enjoy the impressive Nyonya Snacks like the teacups (Kuch Pie Tee), Seafood Sang Chou Bau or Crispy Mandarin Ducks served with pancakes.

The mains include a wide range of fish and meat dishes cooked to perfection. Kelantan Prawn Cutlets, Sambal Cutlets and Kari Prawn Cutlets capture the flavours of Malaysian cuisine. For noodle lovers, the choice is huge ranging from Fried Kway Teow and Seafood Chow Hor.


Halal Restaurants in Sydney