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Malaysian restaurants in campsie sydney

Info: Campsie is an inner west suburb based in Canterbury Council Area. Campsie is surrounded by Canterbury, Belmore and Clemton Park. Campsie is accessible from the central station by train. (Bankstown Track).

Campsie demographics have undergone a massive change in the last decade or so. The predominant Chinese, Macedonian and Greek are gradual places by Malaysian, Indonesian and Filipino.

best kebabs in sydney

Sydney has a thriving Muslim popular from across the world. Early migrants from Turkey and Lebanon brought a  taste of the Middle East to the country.

Sydney Restaurants

Sydney's population is over 5 million spread over 13 regions. The ethnic distribution through the seventies has been along with different ethnicity. As the population increased the ethnic mix increased as well. 

You are an early bird and love your breakfast. I must say it is a bit of challenge to find a nice breakfast in Sydney before 6 am. Yeah, I mean its a real issue. I drive around the city to look for some of the best cafes serving the breed of early birds who love sunrise, followed by a lovely breakfast with a hot cuppa tea. 

halal restaurants in Sydney

Sydney's Muslim population is increasing every year and along with it the number of restaurants serving halal cuisine can be spotted across almost every suburb.