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balti chicken
DescriptionOriginated in India, Balti Chicken is a delicious combo of a variety of spices, butter and cream giving it a boost in flavors
kulfi recipe
DescriptionHad a spicy dinner? Cool it off by having a delicious, creamy Kulfi. An Indian style ice cream that you would love on hot summer days!
dahi baray dahi vada dahi bhallay
DescriptionDahi Baray is a snack extremely popular in Pakistan and India. Dahi Baras are soft patties made of lentils submerged in spice flavored yogurt, chickpeas, etc.
chapli kabab
DescriptionChapli kabab is type of kabab which is extremely popular and widely eaten in Pakistan. It is made up of ground beef, egg along with a bunch of different spices.
mushroom steam rice recipe
DescriptionMushroom Steam Rice is the perfect dish to add to your weekly dinner schedule. It's easy, simple and takes little time and effort to prepare.
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DescriptionLucknowi Chicken Korma is a type of korma usually served at weddings. Packed with richness and bursting with flavor, this is a dish worth trying!!!
keema karela
DescriptionKeema Karela being widely popular in all of the sub-continent. Bitter Gourd or kerala is a very healthy vegetable especially for diabetics.
anday ka halwa egg halwa
DescriptionAnday ka halwa or anday ka meeta is a brilliant way to use eggs in dessert. It is a rich halwa made with ghee and nuts and is an excellent quick dessert.