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Daal ka Halwa Recipe


Halwa is popular in Western Asia, Central and South Asia, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Malta, North Africa and the Horn of Africa.

Ingredients for Daal ka Halwa Recipe:

  • 1 kg daal chana (split chickpea lentils)
  • 2 liters milk
  • 8-10 pieces of cardamom
  • 1 kg desi ghee
  • 1 kg ground sugar
  • 1 cup chopped almonds

 Method for Preparation of Daal ka Halwa Recipe:

01Soak the daal overnight.

02Bring the milk to boil.

03Now add the drained daal to the milk and cook in over medium flame till the milk dries out.

04Now remove it from flame and let it cool down for a bit.

05In a chopper (food processor), coarsely grind the daal mix and keep it aside.

06Now in a large-sized pot add 3/4 kg amount of the desi ghee and add the cardamom and heat for a few seconds.

07Add the ground daal mixture and cook it on low flame till it separates from the sides and becomes golden brown in color.

08In the end, add the sugar and almonds and turn off the flame.

 Your Daal ka Halwa Recipe is ready!!!

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